Sharing History with School Children

Bondy Intermediate PATRIOT SCHOLAR students tour (1998) the Pasadena area and learn about local history.

Students visit the monument at the site of the capture of General Santa Anna of Mexico on April 22, 1836.

Inspecting a 1920s kitchen stove at the Pasadena Historical Museum's "Strawberry House."

The tour ended with lunch at the historically themed Cowboy Ranch cafe and a mug shoot with the Mayor of Pasadena, Johnny Isbell.

Fairmont Intermediate student "Todd" kids around with author David Pomeroy.

Beverly Hills Intermediate students were entertained by members of the Texas Army and Lady Cait.

Students get a hands on demonstration of fulling, or as they called it in Texas, "pounding" wool cloth to prepare it for use.

Members of the Texas Army demonstrate black powder shooting, both with rifle and with cannon.

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