K. R. Wood's

Fathers of Texas

Music of the Texas Revolution of 1836


K. R. performing at Washington on the Brazos March 2, 2000


March 29, 2001 was declared by the Mayor and City Council of Austin as "K. R. Wood" Day.


K. R. & band in concert at CELEBRATE TEXAS

on the steps of the State Capital, March2, 2001

Texas Living Historians lead the parade up Congress Street in Austin on March 2, 2001. The parade ended at the steps of the Capital. Like the Post Office mailmen, neither rain nor sleet prevented them from making a magnificent showing of Texas Pride.







K. R. Wood and CELEBRATE TEXAS president, Jay L. Johnson, Jr. enjoyed the hugh turnout this year. Plans are underway for an even bigger event next year. Many local communities also sponsored their own CELEBRATE TEXAS events.


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