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1835-1846, 1969 to present day

 Membership is open to all interested adult males at least 16 years of age. The original Texas Army was made up of male volunteers. Although women and children played a vital role in the settlement of Texas and the winning of Texas independence, they were not members of the Army and Ranging Companies. Women and children are welcome in camp and in their appropriate support roll; they provide a wider educational opportunity to the public. Both Hispanic Americans (Tejano) and Afro-Americans (freemen and slaves) did participate in the Army. Unlike the Army of early Texas, all members of the Texas Army may obtain the rank of Colonel upon completion of certain requirements. Thus, the Texas Army is composed of one General, Colonels, and Enlisted men. As a State of Texas sanctioned ceremonial group, reactivated by Gov. Preston Smith in 1969 from the original 1836 Texas Army, each Colonel's commission is signed by the Governor of the State of Texas. A background check will be performed prior to becoming a Texas Army Member. No felony arrest convictions permitted for application. The Texas Army is composed of men from all walks of life including, active and retired Military, Doctors, Clergymen, Salesmen, Law Enforcement, Teachers, Engineers, and Businessmen. We’re a diverse group, much as our predecessors were, with a common goal to preserve Texas Heritage.


1. Applicant must become knowledgeable in the clothing, weapons, and life skills of the period (1835-1845). Applicant must wear appropriate clothing and his weapons must be appropriate for the period (1835-1845 w/no plastic hardware) and in good working order, safety is of the highest importance. Before each event an inspection will be made.

2. Applicant must attend at least 3 events for evaluation, before progressing to a minimum of 5 events, which are necessary for advancement from Enlisted to Officer.

3. Advancement-Marksmanship Qualification. Applicant for Officer must be proficient with his black powder rifle or musket. Beside safety awareness and practice, an applicant must show his ability to use his muzzle loading weapon, as our forefathers did, by shooting 5 balls in succession onto a paper plate target at 50 yards, standing and unsupported. At least two Colonels of the Texas Army must witness the Qualification.

4. Upon successful completion of the above requirements, Applicant will present a petition (in essay form) giving reasons why he desires to join the Texas Army. Knowledge of Texas History is a must. Also included with the essay should be a $100.00 donation to the Texas Army "War Chest" for Texas Army events.

5. Fill out the application below and either mail or e-mail Col. John Martin (see address below). After the application is received and approved, you will receive call-outs (notice of Texas Army events), newsletters and other important Texas Army information.


Name: ________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________ State: ____________ ZIP Code: __________                       (see back)

Telephone: Home _____________________ Cell ___________________

E-mail: ______________________________________________________

Driver's License No. (Which State): __________________________ Date of Birth____________

Wife's name: (optional) __________________________________________

Desired Texas Army sponsor _______________________________________

What Black Powder Experience or craft do you have? __________________________________


Are you a member of any other Living History Organizations?

Are you a member of any Fraternal Organizations?___________________________________________________________________



Complete the above form and send by U.S.P.S mail (or scan & e-mail) to Colonel John Martin, Registrar at 683 Overbluff, Channelview, TX 77530 (  Applicants will need to be sponsored by a Texas Army Officer. If you would like to start learning about what gear, weapons, skills and crafts you can use, check out our Living History Pages at:,   or   For period sewing patterns, see Dixie Gun Works’ online catalog.










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