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Bibliography: Flags of Texas

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston is hosting a special collection of vintage Texas Flags from January 13, 2002 through April 28. In conjunction with this exhibit they have participated with Texas A & M Press in the publication of the following book:

Robert Maberry, Jr., Texas Flags, TAMU, 2001 $50 oversized book 197 pages, 109 Illustrations,
32 Color plates 4 maps. Texas flags from 1822 to 1945.

In association with the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston exhibit, the Texas & Local History Department of the Houston Public Library will exhibit some of the books and other materials they have on Flags of Texas. Our thanks to Will Howard for assistance with the following bibliography.



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Official U. S. Flag, 28-Star: The 28-th star was added July 4, 1846 for the admission of Texas (December 29th, 1845).

Sons of DeWitt Colony Texas discusses flags in two sections: DeWitt Colony Flags 1700-1846 and Flags of Independence 1835-1836

Tyler, Ron, (Editor in Chief), New Handbook of Texas 6 Vol. (see individual flags), Austin, The Texas State Historical Association, 1996.

Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes: Texas Flag Code.

Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes: Description of the state flag.

Yates, Charlie M.: The Alamo Flag and The 1824 Flag of the Texas Revolution



San Felipe Flag (described), Telegraph & Texas Register, March 5, 1836, San Felipe de Austin, Texas


* Items available at the Texas & Local History Department
Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library
500 McKinney, Houston, Texas 77002

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