of Southeast Harris County, Tx

There are several layers of history represented in the southeastern part of Harris County. Several historically oriented groups have sponsored markers, including the Texas Historical Commission (THC), the Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT) and the State of Texas during the Centennial Year (1936 Tx marker). The following list sets forth most of the known historical markers and are grouped according to a generalized period of time. The community or area where the markers are located is also noted. A map showing their locations will be provided in the near future.

The Texas Historical Commission is working on an inventory of the historical markers in the State of Texas. Check out their project, Texas Historic Sites Atlas.

Archealogical/Pre-History Sites:

Colonial Texas (1821-1835):

Texas Revolution (1835-1836):

Republic of Texas (1836-1845):

New Town Development around the turn of the Century (1900):

Plus National Register sites and City of Morgan's Point private marker.

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