Camp One of the San Jacinto Campaign

March 11-12, 1836

March 11-12: Camp at Gonzales. Two Historical Markers in town for the initial camp, one titled "Sam Houston's Camp" located in the Military Plaza and a second, "San Jacinto Campaign Campsite" on St. John street at South End street.

 Houston's, Sam, Camp
Marker Title: Sam Houston's Camp
City: Gonzales
County: Gonzales
Year Marker Erected:
Designations: na
Marker Location:
Marker Text:
 San Jacinto Campaign, Campsite
Marker Title: Campsite Marking Start of San Jacinto Campaign
City: Gonzales
County: Gonzales
Year Marker Erected: 1969
Designations: na
Marker Location: St. John St. at South end, 10 from Intersection w/Waters St., Gonzales.
Marker Text: On March 11, 1836, Sam Houston, leader of Texas Revolutionary Forces, arrived here to organize the second volunteer army. On March 13, he heard of the massacre of Alamo defenders and that the Mexican army was advancing toward Gonzales. He ordered the town burned so that the enemy might find no food or shelter upon their arrival. He then marched east, establishing his next camp at "Sam Houston Oak" (10 miles east). After several weeks of maneuvering his forces into an advantageous position, he led them to victory at San Jacinto on April 21.

Marker information courtesy Texas Historical Commission's Atlas
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Colonel Alexander Horton's fact-based fictional dispatch from this camp gives the flavor of the place and time.

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