McClure Plantation on Peach Creek

Camp Two of the San Jacinto Campaign

March 13, 1836

March 13: Broke camp at Gonzales at midnight and travelled all night (10 miles). Historical Marker titled "Route of the San Jacinto Campaign" located in the 1200 block of St. Louis Street (at Smith St.) in Gonzales shows the route out of town. Stopped for breakfast at the McClure's Plantation on Peach Creek the morning of the 14th. Historical Marker is titled "Sam Houston Oak" and is located 10 miles E. of Gonzales on US 90-A. Reference at the Braches Home (built after the Revolution, by McClure's widow and new husband on the site of the old house) indicates Sam Houston/Runaway Scrape Oak use to be in its front yard (12 miles SE of Gonzales on US 90-A near Peach Creek Bridge).


 San Jacinto, Route of Gen. Sam Houston to
Marker Title: Route of Gen. Sam Houston to San Jacinto
City: Gonzales
County: Gonzales
Year Marker Erected: 1969
Designations: na
Marker Location: 1200 block of St. Louis (at Smith St.), Gonzales
Marker Text: Stricken with news of the fall of the Alamo and threatened by a massive Mexican army, Sam Houston gathered the nucleus of a Texan army here, issued orders to burn this town (to hinder the Mexicans) and marched east, March 13, 1836. He won Victory at San Jacinto, April 21.
 Houston, Sam, Oak
Marker Title: Sam Houston Oak
County: Gonzales
Year Marker Erected: 1936
Designations: na
Marker Location: from Gonzales take US 90 A East about 10 mile.
Marker Text: 1/8 mile north is Sam Houston Oak where General Sam Houston established his headquarters camp March 13, 1836, after burning the town of Gonzales. Under this oak his small army was joined by many volunteers from the eastern settlements, who went with him to San Jacinto.

Marker information courtesy Texas Historical Commission's Atlas
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Colonel Alexander Horton's fact-based fictional dispatch from this camp gives the flavor of the place and time.

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