Camp at Matthew Burnett's Place

Camp Seventeen of the San Jacinto Campaign

April 16, 1836

April 16: The Army left the next morning and took the right fork in the road at Robert's Place. Historical Marker is titled "Abraham Robert's Homesite, Texas Army Route-April 16, 1836" and is located in New Kentucky Park off of FM 2920 (Waller-Tomball Road) just east of its intersection with Robert's Cemetery Road (Dunn & Turley marker). There is also a 1936 Centennial Marker titled "Site of New Kentucky" nearby. The Army continued to their Camp at Matthew Burnett's Place on Cypress Creek. Historical Marker located in Telge Park, just east of Telge Road on Pleasant Grove St. (Dunn & Turley marker).

Roberts, Abraham, Homesite
Marker Title: Abraham Roberts Homesite
City: Tomball
County: Harris
Year Marker Erected: 1993
Designations: na
Marker Location: New Kentucky Park off FM 2920, just east of intersection w/Roberts Cemetry Rd., about 10 mi. west of Tomball
Marker Text: Texas Army Route - April 16, 1836. Abraham (Abram) Roberts (1773-1850), a native of georgia, came to Texas as a widower n 1827 and settled at this sit eon spring Creek about 1829. His home was located at a prominent crossroads in the sparsely populated community of New Kentucky about three miles east of his neighbor Samuel McCarley. On March 21, 1836, the interim government of the Republic of Texas stayed at Roberts' home overnight while enroute to Harrisburg to establish the Republic's new capital. On April 16, 1836, the Texas army under Sam Houston left McCarley's home and arrived here about midday. Houston's soldiers, aware that the Mexican army was advancing on Harrisburg, were concerned that Houston would continue to retreat east to the Trinity River. Still uncertain about Houston's chosen route, the Texas army paused upon reaching the crossroads. Soldier sin the army asked Roberts, who was standing on his gate, to show the way to Harrisburg. A great shout arose as Roberts pointed southeast. Houston took the Harrisburg Road and on April 21 his army defeated the Mexicans at the Battle of San Jacinto. The decision to take the Harrisburg Road became famous as a turning point in the campaign for Texas independence. Sam Houston Bicentennial 1793-1993 Incise on base: Project of Jeffrey D. Dunn and Edward W. Turley, Jr.
 Burnett, Matthew
Marker Title: Matthew Burnett Homesite
City: Houston
County: Harris
Year Marker Erected: 1993
Designations: na
Marker Location: Telge Park, just east of Telge Rd. on Pleasant Grove St.
Marker Text: Texas army camp - April 16, 1836. Matthew Burnett (1795-1842) and his wife, Sarah (Simmons) (1797-1852), came to Texas from Arkansas in 1831 and settled south of here on Cypress Creek. Their home was near the "Harrisburg Road" which stretched 15 miles northwest to a crossroads at the home of their closest neighbor, Abram Roberts, and, in the other direction, 25 miles southeast to Harrisburg. The interim government of the Republic of Texas stayed here briefly on March 22, 1836, while enroute to establish the Republic's new capital at Harrisburg. The Texas army, 1100 men under the command of Sam Houston, stopped here about dusk on April 16, 1836, after turning southeast at the Robert's crossroads earlier in the day. During their overnight stay they consumed most of Burnett's livestock and grains, and burned fence rails for fuel. The next morning the Texas army departed for Harrisburg. Four days later, on April 21, they routed the Mexican army at the Battle of San Jacinto, winning Texas independence from Mexico. Having fled the area in the episode known as the "Runaway Scrape," the Burnetts returned after learning of the victory at San Jacinto. In the late 1830s and 1840s their home became a prominent landmark and well-known tavern on the road to the city of Houston.

Marker information courtesy Texas Historical Commission's Atlas
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Colonel Alexander Horton's fact-based fictional dispatch from this camp gives the flavor of the place and time.

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