Camp near Vince's Bayou

Camp Twenty of the San Jacinto Campaign

April 19, 1836

April 19: The Army crossed Buffalo Bayou between Sims and Vince's Bayou, and there is a [Texas Army Crossing Buffalo Bayou Marker]1936 Centennial Marker titled "Texas Army Crossed Buffalo Bayou" noting the event and is located on Lawndale Ave., about 2 miles west of Richey in Pasadena. There is also a marker in Galena Park, on the north side of Buffalo Bayou titled "Near Site of Isaac Batterson Home" which designated the source of the flooring used as a ferry by the Texas Army in crossing Buffalo Bayou.

[Vince's Bridge Marker]There is next a DRT Historical Marker titled "Vince's Bridge" which was crossed by the Army on its route, and is located on N. Richey street, about one mile north of S.H. 225 (La Porte Freeway). The army continued on towards Lynchburg, only resting briefly late at night at a small ravine on the open prairie.



Batterson, Isaac
Marker Title: Near Site of Isaac Batterson Home
City: Galena Park
County: Harris
Year Marker Erected: 1969
Designations: na
Marker Location: City Hall, Clinton and Eastway
Marker Text: Famed for its part in winning the War for Texas Independence, the flooring of this house was, on April 19, 1836, appropriated by General Sam Houston to build rafts to ferry his army across rain-swollen Buffalo Bayou. Although 248 soldiers, most of whom were ill, remained at the Batterson place, Houston's army was victorious in the Battle of San Jacinto two days later. This land, originally part of the Ezekiel Thomas Estate, was purchased in 1835 by Batterson. The settlement he started (now Galena Park) he named "Clinton" for his former home in New York.
  Texan Army Crossing of Buffalo Bayou
Marker Title: Texan Army Crossing of Buffalo Bayou (San Jacinto)
City: Harrisburg/Houston
County: Harris
Year Marker Erected: 1936
Designations: na
Marker Location: Lawndale Ave.
Marker Text: 3000 ft. north at this site the Texas army under command of General Sam Houston crossed Buffalo Bayou on April 19, 1836 on a raft built from Isaac Batterson's house and began the march which terminated with the victory at San Jacinto April 21, 1836.

 Vince's Bridge:

Located on N. Richey Street at Vince's Bayou in Pasadena, this DRT marker is not included in the Texas Historical Commission "Atlas" of historical markers presently.


Marker information courtesy Texas Historical Commission's Atlas
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Colonel Alexander Horton's fact-based fictional dispatch from this camp gives the flavor of the place and time.

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